History of the Alton Downs district

There have been several books written about the history of the Alton Downs district. However, information on the original settlement of Alton Downs is still very scarce. We are undertaking a project to source and compile the history of the first farmers and graziers who bought or leased land in the Alton Downs district; particularly, from 1861within the Rockhampton Agricultural Reserve.

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Alton Downs, originally known as Rockhampton Agricultural Reserve or the Agricultural Reserve, took its name from Alton, the place where the first teacher Miss M. Marsh lived while teaching at the provisional school which was opened in 1888. Being downs country the second half of the name followed naturally. The first half is most likely from Alton, in Hampshire, England.
Alton Downs Hotel Carriage in front of Alton Downs Hotel, Alton Downs - 1902
James Spreadborough was the licensee in 1902.

Alton Downs Hall Farmers Association Hall at Alton Downs - 1906

State Library of Queensland

History of the ANZACs and Veterans from our local Community

Photo of the World War One Alton Downs and District Servicemen

Alton Downs and District World War 1 Servicemen 1914 -1919
This photo 1500mm x 800mm is on display at the Alton Downs Hall

WW1 Alton Downs and District Veterans Booklet

Photo of the World War One Alton Downs and District Servicemen

Alton Downs and District World War 2 Veterans 1939 - 1945
This photo 3000mm x 1220mm is on display at the Alton Downs Hall

WW2 Alton Downs and District Veterans Booklet
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Alton Downs & Combined District Memorial Committee

History of the Glenroy district

Fitzroy River at Glenroy Crossing
Fitzroy River at Glenroy Crossing

History of the Morinish district

Alliance Mine at Morinish
Alliance Mine in operation at Morinish, Queensland, ca. 1890

State Library of Queensland

Local information for local residents.
This website is for the benefit of residents from the northern and western, urban and rural centres in the Rockhampton region of Central Queensland. Anyone wishing to connect with the residents of Alton Downs, Balcomba, Boomer Range, Bushley, Calioran, Canoona, Dalma, Fairy Bower, Garnant, Glenavon, Glenroy, Gracemere, Kabra, Kalapa, Lion Mountain, Morinish, Mount Carpenter, Native Cat Range, Nine Mile, Pink Lily, Prospect, Redbank, Ridgelands, Round Mountain, South Yaamba, Stanwell, Sugarloaf Mountain, The Lookout, Waroula, Westwood, Woodville, Wycarbah or anyone residing in the Rockhampton regional district can have their information included.

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